X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons - Jungle

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X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons - Jungle

Post by Andvari300 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:24 am

"Koolzone isn't some domain you can buy, its not a name, it's not a specific board software, its that special little place in our hearts, its the joy you felt when you were a kid on christmas and you woke up to go find presents under the tree. Its your first kiss, your lost virginity, its the love an abusive step father has for his son he never wanted because he really just wanted to get in the mom's pants but the kid was part of the packaged deal. Its the twinkling of a star as you look up into the night sky and realize how big the universe is. KZ isn't just some website or name. It's a little piece of magic in all of us. :) " -Omni

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Re: X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons - Jungle

Post by Indilwen » Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:16 am

Good shit, man.
The good news is it really doesn't matter
The other good news is an apple Jolly Rancher
And it won't heal wounds, but it will heal moods
And it's sweet and it's sour and it's green and it rules.
Can't do much so the cut won't sting
But you can make a couple taste buds go z-z-z-zing!

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