Are you vaccinated?

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Are you vaccinated?

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Are you vaccinated?

Post by deplorable » Tue Nov 16, 2021 11:23 am

I'm sorry to do this to you guys but since we have over 100 members we're gonna have to do a vaccine mandate. It's been added to the terms and conditions with our webhost and as you know all the infrastructure is ran by just a few rich elites and you just kinda have to play along with this rule to exist on the web these days.

As of Dec 1 2021:
If you are vaccinated you will need to PM a photo of your vaccine card (front and back) to SensorEcho.

If you are not vaccinated you will be banned* and have to go post on the infowars comments section from now on.

* users banned for this reason will have a star of David set as their avatar

I hope you are all up vaccinated and up to date with boosters. Remember no group is small enough or remote enough to achieve herd immunity. I want you to think of our little community as a heard of sheep, and the vaccine as our Shepard. We need these shots to keep our heard safe, so let's do this together! :)

Edit: I keep getting PMs so just to clarify we will not be accepting religious exemptions as recommended by the CDC.

Edit2: okay the replies are getting really out of hand. I have suppressed all comments and am locking the thread.