Schumann Resonance

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Schumann Resonance

Post by Divergent » Sun May 24, 2015 6:19 pm


The Schumann Resonance-Vibrating With the Earth Can Heal Us
by Laura Weber , May 21 2015

Around 1952, German physicist W.O. Schumann theorized that the earth must have a pulse or a distinct frequency unto itself based on the concept that anytime a sphere is existent within another sphere, there is tension created. In this case, it would be the sphere of the earth within the ionosphere, the earth having a negative ionic charge and the ionosphere having a positive ionic charge. Through a series of calculations he theorized that the earth’s frequency was around 10hz.

In 1954 Schumann collaborated with another scientist named Herbert König with whom he was able to decipher the exact actual frequency of the earth. Based on Konig and Schumann’s work, earth’s pulse rate was found to be 7.83hz. After this discovery, the data was retested by other scientists and was able to be validated. Since then, earth’s resonant vibration has been referred to as the Schumann resonance.

At the time, the Schumann Resonance was a significant discovery, but its implications were not well understood by the majority of scientists and still are not widely understood today. In fact it wasn’t until a team of two other scientist made an interesting connecting between the human mind and the Earth’s natural rate of resonance that things started getting interesting.

A scientist named Hans Berger, totally unaware of the Schumann resonance research, designed an EEG scanner capable of reading brainwaves. Eventually Berger began to work with another scientist named Anker Mueller who discovered a publish paper by Schumann, and it was then that they made an exciting realization- the pair discovered that the Schumann resonance was extremely close to human brainwaves when in alpha state.

“Natural electromagnetic processes in the environment (I-IV), human EEG readings in comparison. Schumann oscillations (I) and the EEG a-rhythm, as well as locally conditioned fluctuations of the electric field (II) and the EEG d-rhythm, show a noticeable similarity in their temporal variation.” – Herbert König, 1979

R.Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs conducted a study where participants were kept completely blocked from all magnetic fields in underground bunkers and their physical and mental well-being were monitored. While being underground it was found that the participants’ circadian rhythms were thrown out off and that they suffered migraine headaches and emotional distress. After introducing the 7.8hz frequency back into the environment of the participants they showed dramatic improvement and their symptoms dissipated. This clearly demonstrated the importance of the Schumann Resonance for human well-being.

Other studies have even suggested that this frequency given off naturally by the Earth is capable of causing DNA to form- thus forming the basis for new life. This frequency is integral to human life and evolution.

Perhaps one good place to start in our electromagnetically polluted world, to stay grounded in this innate and healing frequency is to follow the healing practice currently being called ‘Earthing’. Also proven by science, Earthing is the practice in which we simply stand or walk barefoot on open natural earth for at least 10-15 minutes or even longer.

It has been demonstrated in studies that Earthing soothes the nervous system, benefits immunity, lowers blood pressure, and creates electromagnetic balance as it neutralizes the positive ions in our energy field, bringing us back into our natural state of perfect resonance with the earth and within ourselves. ... man-health
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